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Decorate Your Telephone Table

Do any of you remember having a telephone table? I do.

I’m apparently from the dark ages, but I remember phones with party lines. They were a pain!

Even though I now have a cell phone, I still need to decorate my old telephone table. I’ve found it’s great to have a separate table in my home, placed against the wall. Here are some things that can be done with a telephone table:

  • Make it a plant stand.
  • Even better, place several decorative items on it with a plant
  • Place several books on their sides and put a small plant on top of the books next to a figurine
  • Use it as a place to put items from a wonderful trip as a memory for your family
  • Place pictures of family and/or friends
  • Display a unique piece such as a figurine
  • The possibilities can go on and on. Use your imagination