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 Doesn’t this throw look warm and cozy? During this cool weather, I love cuddling up with my throw.


This couch throw is just the right weight to chase away the chills while watching tv, reading a book by a crackling fire, or snoozing on your sofa. The weather still has a little chill in the air. Instead of turning your heater on and off, snuggle up in a throw.

There are different ways you can place your throw on your sofa while you’re not using it. Drape it across the arm of the sofa or toss it on the back and let it drape down onto the sofa. Experiment and see where you like your throw to hang.

Choosing the right color for your room is important. A throw can either blend in or stand out — whatever you need for your room. Since throws are inexpensive, experiment with several to use during various times of the year.