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Want to Feel Better? Buy Flowers!

Doesn’t this flower arrangement of orchids and bromeliad bring a smile to your face? It definitely does for me!

We all live such busy, fast-paced lives these days. Experts tell us we need to do something to relax and bring enjoyment into our lives to relieve some stress. Scientists have found that one way to do that is to be around flowers. Giving flowers and receiving flowers bring happiness into our lives. We don’t need to buy expensive gadgets to feel better — just be around flowers. Research results show that flowers bring us more than just temporary happiness (which is a good thing), but they lessen depression in our lives. What a wonderful way to feel better!

When I see these exceptional colors and beautiful design, I’m enthralled. I love artificial flowers because they not only make me happy at the moment, but I love the fact that they will last. I don’t have to water them or fertilize them or worry about them.  I just keep them until I want different flowers around and then put these away until I’m ready for them again. What could be more simple?

I remember when my parents were living in a nursing home and things seemed pretty boring for them, they started working in a garden. It made such a difference. They felt a sense of purpose planting flowers, watering them, and watching them grow.